gʷou- / Indo-European roots


Ox, bull, cow.

Nominative singular form *gwōu-s.

Derivatives include cow1, beef, bugle1, butter.

1. cow1, kine; cowslip from Old English , , cȳe, cow, from Germanic *kōuz (> *kūz).
a. beef, bovine, bugle1 from Latin bōs (stem bov-), ox, bull, cow;
b. buccinator from Latin būcina, horn, trumpet, from *bou-kanā-, "bellower" (*-kanā-, singer; see kan-).
a. Boötes, boustrophedon, bucolic, bugloss, bulimia, bumelia, buprestid, butter, butyric from Greek bous, ox, bull, cow;
b. buffalo from Greek boubalos, buffalo, perhaps from bous;
c. boy perhaps from Old French buie, fetter, shackle, from Latin bōia, collar used to restrain a criminal (originally made from ox hide), from Greek boeiā, ox hide, from bous.
4. gayal; guar, Gurkha, kouprey, nilgai from Sanskrit gauḥ, go-, cow.
5. Suffixed form *gwou-no-. gunny from Pali goṇa-, ox.
6. Suffixed form *gwōu-ro-. gaur from Sanskrit gauraḥ, wild ox.
7. Zero-grade suffixed form *gww-ā-. hecatomb from Greek hekatombē, "sacrifice of a hundred oxen" (hekaton, hundred; see dekm̥)

[Pokorny g̒ͧou- 482.]

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