gal- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root gal-: call, clatter, gallinaceous, Glagolitic, glasnost, pico de gallo.


To call, shout.

1. call from Old Norse kalla, to call, from Germanic expressive form *kall-.
2. clatter from Old English *clatrian, to clatter, from Germanic *klat-.
3. Expressive form *gall-. gallinaceous, gallinule; pico de gallo from Latin gallus, cock (< "the calling bird"; but probably also associated with Gallus, Gallic, as if to mean "the bird of Gaul" the cock being archaeologically attested as an important symbol in the iconography of Roman and pre-Roman Gaul).
4. Suffixed form *gal-so-. glasnost from Old Church Slavonic glasŭ, voice.
5. Reduplicated form *gal-gal-. Glagolitic from Old Church Slavonic glagolŭ, word.

[Pokorny 2. gal- 350.]

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