gel- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root gel-: chill, cold, congeal, cool, gelatin, gelation, gelid, glacial, glaciate, glacier, glacis, jelly, keel.


Cold; to freeze.

Derivatives include chill, jelly, glacier.

1. chill from Old English c(i)ele, chill, from Germanic *kaliz, coldness.
2. cold from Old English ceald, cold, from Germanic *kaldaz, cold.
a. cool from Old English cōl, cold, cool;
b. keel3 from Old English cēlan, to cool, from Germanic *kōljan, to cool. Both a and b from Germanic *kōl-, cool.
4. Suffixed form *gel-ā-. gelatin, gelation, jelly; congeal from Latin gelāre, to freeze.
5. Suffixed form *gel-u-. gelid from Latin gelū, frost, cold.
6. Probably suffixed zero-grade form *gl̥-k-. glacé, glacial, glaciate, glacier, glacis; demi-glace, verglas from Latin glaciēs, ice.

[Pokorny 3. gel(ə)- 365.]

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