gerbh- / Indo-European roots


To scratch.

Derivatives include carve, crawl1, program.

1. carve from Old English ceorfan, to cut, from Germanic *kerban.
2. kerf from Old English cyrf, a cutting (off), from zero-grade Germanic form *kurbiz.
3. Variant form *grebh-.
a. crab1 from Old English crabba, a crab, from Germanic *krab(b)-;
b. crayfish from Old High German kerbiz, edible crustacean, from Germanic *krabiz-;
c. perhaps Germanic *krab-. crawl1 from Old Norse krafla, to crawl.
4. Zero-grade form *gr̥bh-.
a. glamour, graffito, graft1, gram1, -gram, grammar, -graph, -grapher, graphic, -graphy; agrapha, agraphia, anagram, diagram, epigram, epigraph, graphite, iconography, paragraph, parallelogram, program, pseudepigrapha, Tetragrammaton, topography from Greek graphein, to scratch, draw, write, gramma (< *gr̥bh-mn̥), a picture, written letter, piece of writing, and grammē, a line;
b. landgrave, margrave, palsgrave from Middle Dutch grāve and Middle Low German grave, count, from West Germanic *grafa, a designation of rank, possibly borrowed from Greek grapheus, scribe.

[Pokorny gerebh- 392.]

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