geus- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root geus-: ageusia, choice, choose, degust, disgust, gustation, gusto, ragout.


To taste, choose.

Oldest form *g̑eus-, becoming *geus- in centum languages.
a. choose from Old English cēosan, ceōsan, to choose, from Germanic *keusan;
b. choice from a Germanic source akin to Gothic kausjan, to test, taste, from Germanic causative *kausjan.
2. ageusia from Greek geuesthai, to taste.
3. Zero-grade form *gus-. Valkyrie from Old Norse Valkyrja, "chooser of the slain" Valkyrie (valr, the slain; see welə-) , from Germanic *kuz-.
4. Suffixed zero-grade form *gus-tu-. gust2, gusto; ragout from Latin gustus, taste.
5. Suffixed zero-grade form *gus-to-, whence further suffixed (frequentative) form *gus-t-ā-. gustation; degust, disgust from Latin gustāre, to taste.

[Pokorny g̑eus- 399.]

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