ghans- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ghans-: anserine, chenopod, gander, gannet, gonzo, goose, gosling, gunsel, merganser.



Oldest form *g̑hans-, becoming *ghans- in centum languages.
a. goose; goshawk from Old English gōs (nominative plural gēs), goose;
b. gosling from Old Norse gās, goose;
c. gunsel from Old High German gans, goose;
d. gonzo from Spanish ganso, goose, from a Germanic source akin to Old High German gans, goose. a-d all from Germanic *gans- (nominative plural *gansiz).
2. gander from Old English ganra, gandra, gander, from Germanic *gan(d)rōn-.
3. gannet from Old English ganot, gannet, from Germanic *ganōtōn-.
4. Suffixed form *ghans-er-. anserine; merganser from Latin ānser (< *hanser), goose.
5. Basic form *ghans-. chenopod from Greek khēn, goose.

[Pokorny g̑han-s- 412.]

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