ghend- / Indo-European roots


To seize, take.

Derivatives include get, guess, prison, comprehend, surprise, prey.

a. get1 from Old Norse geta, to get;
b. beget from Old English beg(i)etan, to get, beget, from Germanic compound *bigetan, to acquire (*bi-, intensive prefix; see ambhi);
c. forget from Old English forg(i)etan, to forget, from Germanic compound *fer-getan, "to lose one's hold" forget (*fer-, prefix denoting rejection; see per1). a-c all from Germanic *getan.
2. guess from Middle English gessen, to guess, from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Swedish gissa, to guess, from Germanic *getisōn, "to try to get" aim at.
3. Basic form *ghend-. prehensile, prehension, prison, prize2, prize3, pry2; apprehend, apprentice, apprise, comprehend, comprise, emprise, enterprise, entrepreneur, impresario, misprision1, pregnable, reprehend, reprieve, reprisal, reprise, surprise from Latin prehendere, prēndere, to get hold of, seize, grasp (pre-, prae-, before; see per1)
4. Form *ghed-. predatory, prey, spree; depredate, osprey from Latin praeda, booty (< *prai-heda, "something seized before"; prai-, prae-, before; see per1)

[Pokorny ghend- 437.]

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