gherə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root gherə-: chorion, cord, harpsichord, haruspex, hernia, tetrachord, yarn.


Gut, entrail.

Oldest form *g̑herh2-, becoming *gherh2- in centum languages.
1. Suffixed form *gherə-no-. yarn from Old English gearn, yarn, from Germanic *garnō, string.
2. Suffixed form *gherə-n-. hernia from Latin hernia, "protruded viscus" rupture, hernia.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *ghorə-d-. chord2, cord, cordon; harpsichord, hexachord, tetrachord from Greek khordē, gut, string.
4. O-grade form *ghorə-. chorion from Greek khorion, intestinal membrane, afterbirth.
5. Possible suffixed zero-grade form *ghr̥ə-u-. haruspex from Latin haruspex, "he who inspects entrails" diviner (-spex"he who sees"; see spek-) , but perhaps borrowed from Etruscan.

[Pokorny 5. g̑her- 443.]

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