gheu- / Indo-European roots


To pour, pour a libation.

Oldest form *g̑heu-, becoming *gheu- in centum languages.

Derivatives include gut, funnel, fusion, refund1.

I. Extended form *gheud-.
1. Zero-grade form *ghud-. a. gut from Old English guttas, intestines, from Germanic *gut-;; b. gyttja from Swedish gyttja, perhaps from Germanic *gutjōn..
2. Nasalized zero-grade form *ghu-n-d-. foison, fondant, fondue, font2, found2, funnel, fuse2, fusile, fusion; affusion, circumfuse, confound, confuse, diffuse, effuse, infuse, perfuse, profuse, refund, refuse1, refuse2, suffuse, transfuse from Latin fundere, to melt, pour out.
II. Extended form *gheus-.
1. a. gust1 from Old Norse gustr, a cold blast of wind, from Germanic suffixed form *gustiz; b. gush from Middle English gushen, to gush, perhaps akin to Icelandic gusa, to gush. Both a and b from Germanic zero-grade form *gus-.
2. geyser from Old Norse geysa, to gush, from Germanic suffixed o-grade form *gausjan.
3. a. Suffixed zero-grade form *ghus-mo-. chyme; ecchymosis from Greek khūmos, juice; b. suffixed zero-grade form *ghus-lo-. chyle from Greek khūlos, juice.
III. Suffixed form *gheu-ti-. futile from Latin fūtilis, "(of a vessel) easily emptied, leaky" hence untrustworthy, useless.
IV. Basic form *gheu-.
1. alchemy, parenchyma from Greek khein (stem form khu-), to pour.
2. O-grade form *ghou-. a. choanocyte from Greek khoanē (< *khowanā), funnel; b. oinochoe from Greek khoē (< *khowā), a pouring.
V. Suffixed zero-grade from *ghu-trā. chytrid from Greek khutrā, pot.

[Pokorny g̑heu- 447.]

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