ghrēi- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ghrēi-: chrism, Christ, cream, grime, grisly.


To rub.

Oldest form *g̑hreh1i-, with variant (metathesized) form *g̑hreih1-, whence zero-grade *g̑hrih1-, becoming *g̑hrī-in satem language and *ghrī- in centum languages.
1. grisly from Old English grislīc, terrifying, from Germanic *gris-, to frighten (< "to grate on the mind").
2. grime from Middle English grime, grime, from a source akin to Middle Dutch grīme, grime, from Germanic *grīm-, smear.
3. Extended form *ghrīs-. chrism, Christ2, christen, Christian; Christmas, cream, Kriss Kringle from Greek khrīein, to anoint.

[Pokorny ghrēi- 457.]

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