ghrebh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ghrebh-: grab, graben, grasp, grave, gravlax, gravure, groove, grub, Satyagraha.


To seize, reach.

1. Zero-grade form *ghr̥bh-. Satyagraha from Sanskrit gṛbhṇāti, gṛhṇāti, he seizes.
a. grasp from Middle English graspen, to grasp;
b. grab1 from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German grabben, to seize. Both a and b from parallel (imitative) Germanic creations with base *grab-, *grap-.

[Pokorny 1. ghrebh- 455.]


To dig, bury, scratch.

1. O-grade form *ghrobh-.
a. (i) grave3, engrave from Old English grafan, to dig, engrave, scratch, carve; (ii) graben from Old High German graban, to dig; (iii) gravlax from Swedish grava, to bury; (iv) gravure from Old French graver, to engrave. (i)-(iv) all from Germanic *graban;
b. grave1 from Old English græf, trench, grave, from Germanic *grabam.
2. grub from Old English *grybban, to dig, from Germanic *grub(b)jan (with secondary ablaut).
3. groove from Middle Dutch groeve, ditch, from Germanic *grōbō.

[Pokorny 2. ghrebh- 455.]

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