ghwer- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ghwer-: feral, ferocious, fierce, theropod, treacle.


Wild beast.

Oldest form *g̑hwer-, becoming *ghwer- in centum languages.
1. Suffixed form *ghwer-o-. feral, ferine, fierce from Latin ferus, wild.
2. Compound *ghwero-əkw-, "of wild aspect" (*-əkw-"-looking"; see okw-) ferocious from Latin ferōx (stem ferōc-), fierce.
3. Lengthened-grade form *ghwēr-. treacle; baluchitherium, dinotherium, eutherian, indricotherium, megatherium, theropod from Greek thēr, wild beast.

[Pokorny g̑hu̯ē̆r- 493.]

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