i- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root i-: beyond, ibidem, id, idem, identity, if, ilk, item, iterate, yea, yes, yet, yon, yond.


Pronominal stem.

Derivatives include yonder, identity, item.

1. ilk1 from Old English ilca, same, from Germanic *is-līk- (*līk-, like; see līk-)
2. yon from Old English geon, that, from Germanic *jaino-, *jeno-.
a. yond, yonder from Old English geond, as far as, yonder, from Germanic *jend-;
b. beyond from Old English geondan, beyond, from Germanic *jendana-.
4. Extended forms *yām, *yāi. yea1, yes from Old English gēa, affirmative particle, and gēse, yes (see es-) , from Germanic *jā, *jai.
5. yet from Old English gīet, gīeta still (preform uncertain).
6. Relative stem *yo- plus particle. if from Old English gif, if, from Germanic *ja-ba.
7. Basic form *i-, with neuter *id-em. id, idem, identical, identity; identify from Latin is, he (neuter id, it), and īdem, same.
8. Suffixed form *i-tero-. iterate; reiterate from Latin iterum, again.
9. Suffixed and extended form *it(ə)-em. item from Latin item, thus, also.
10. Stem *i- plus locatival particle *-dha-i. ibidem from Latin ibīdem, in the same place.
11. Suffixed variant form *e-tero- in compound *ke-e-tero- (see ko-)

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