kā- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kā-: caress, charity, cherish, Kama, Kamasutra, Mother Carey's chicken, whore, whoredom.


To like, desire.

Oldest form *keh2-, colored to *kah2-, becoming *kā-.
1. Suffixed form *kā-ro-.
a. (i) whore from Old English hōre; (ii) whoredom from Old Norse compound hōrdōmr (-dōmr"condition"; see dhē-). Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *hōraz (feminine *hōrōn-), "one who desires" adulterer;
b. caress, charity, cherish; Mother Carey's chicken from Latin cārus, dear.
2. Suffixed form *kā-mo-. Kama1; Kamasutra from Sanksrit kāmaḥ, love, desire.

[Pokorny kā- 515.]

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