kʷer- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kʷer-: Cruithne, karma, lascar, namaskar, peloria, Sanskrit, tera-, terato-.


To make.

1. namaskar, Prakrit, puggaree, Sanskrit from Sanskrit karoti, he makes.
2. Suffixed form *kwer-ōr with dissimilated form *kwel-ōr. peloria from Greek pelōr, monster (perhaps "that which does harm").
3. Suffixed form *kwer-əs-. tera-, terato- from Greek teras, monster.
4. Suffixed form *kwer-mn̥. karma from Sanskrit karma, act, deed.
5. Suffixed form *kwer-o-. lascar from Middle Persian laškar, army, perhaps from Old Iranian *raxša-kara- ("furnishing protection"; *raxša-, protection).
6. Suffixed form *kwr̥-tu-. Cruithne from Old Irish Cruithne, the Picts, from Cruithen, a Pict, from *kwriteno-, member of a tribe inhabiting Britian, Pict, ultimately derived from *kwr̥tu-, shape, form (perhaps in reference to the designs the Picts tattooed or painted on their bodies).

[Pokorny 1. k̒ͧer- 641.]

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