kailo- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kailo-: hale, hallow, heal, health, holy, wassail, whole, wholesome.


Whole, uninjured, of good omen.

a. hale1, whole from Old English hāl, hale, whole;
b. wholesome from Old English *hālsum (> Middle English holsom), wholesome;
c. hail2; wassail from Old Norse heill, healthy. a-c all from Germanic *hailaz.
2. health from Old English hǣlth, health, from Germanic *hailithō.
3. heal from Old English hǣlan, to heal, from Germanic *hailjan.
a. holy; halibut, halidom, holiday, hollyhock from Old English hālig, holy, sacred;
b. hallow; Allhallowmas, Halloween from Old English hālgian, to consecrate, bless, from Germanic derivative verb *hailagōn. Both a and b from Germanic *hailagaz.

[Pokorny kai-lo- 520.]

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