kan- / Indo-European roots


To sing.

1. hen from Old English hen(n), hen, from Germanic *han(e)nī.
a. canorous, cant2, cantabile, cantata, canticle, cantillate, canto, cantor, canzone, chant, chanteuse, chantey, chantry; accent, chanticleer, descant, enchant, incantation, incentive, precentor, recant from Latin canere, to sing (> cantāre, to sing, frequentative of canere);
b. suffixed form *kan-ā-, "singer" in Latin compound *bou-kanā (see gwou-).
3. oscine from Latin oscen, a singing bird used in divination (< *obs-cen, "one that sings before the augurs"; ob-, before; see epi)
4. Suffixed form *kan-men-. charm from Latin carmen, song, poem.

[Pokorny kan- 525.]

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