kap- / Indo-European roots


To grasp.

Derivatives include have, heavy, cable, captive, deceive, capsule, chassis.

I. Basic form *kap-.
1. heddle from Old English hefeld, thread used for weaving, heddle (a device which grasps the thread), from Germanic *haf-.
2. haft from Old English hæft, handle, from Germanic *haftjam.
3. Form *kap-o-. have; behave from Old English habban, to have, hold, from Germanic *habai-, *habēn.
4. heavy from Old English hefig, heavy, from Germanic *hafigaz, "containing something" having weight.
5. haven from Old English hæfen, a haven, from Germanic *hafnō-, perhaps "place that holds ships"
6. hawk1 from Old English h(e)afoc, hawk, from Germanic *habukaz.
7. Suffixed form *kap-to-. echt from Middle Low German echte, true, legitimate, akin to Old High German ēohaft, according to custom, from ēwa, custom, right (see aiw-) + -haft, having (a characteristic; < "possessed by, seized by"), from -haft, caught, captured, from Germanic *haftam.
8. Latin combining form -ceps (< *kap-s), "taker" (see gwher-, man-2, per1)
9. Probably from this root is Germanic *gaf-, the source of Provençal gafar, to seize gaff1
II. Suffixed form *kap-yo-.
1. heave, heft from Old English hebban, to lift, from Germanic *hafjan.
2. cable, cacciatore, caitiff, capable, capacious, capias, capstan, caption, captious, captivate, captive, captor, capture, catch, cater, chase1, cop2, copper2; accept, anticipate, catchpole, conceive, deceive, except, inception, incipient, intercept, intussusception, municipal, nuncupative, occupy, participate, perceive, precept, receive, recipe, recover, recuperate, susceptible from Latin capere, to take, seize, catch.
III. Lengthened-grade variant form *kōp-.
1. a. behoof from Old English behōf, use, profit, need; b. behoove from Old English behōfian, to have need of. Both a and b from Germanic compound *bi-hōf, "that which binds" requirement, obligation (*bi-, intensive prefix; see ambhi) , from *hōf-.
2. copepod from Greek kōpē, oar, handle.

[Pokorny kap- 527.]

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