keg- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root keg-: hacek, hack, hake, harquebus, heckle, hook, hooker.


Hook, tooth.

a. hake from Old English haca, hook, akin to Old Norse haki, hook;
b. harquebus from Middle Dutch hake, hook. Both a and b from Germanic *hakan-.
a. hook from Old English hōc, hook;
b. hooker1 from Middle Dutch hōk, hoec, hook;
c. haček; Hakenkreuz from Old High German hāko, hook. a-c all from Germanic lengthened form *hōka-.
3. hatchel, heckle from Middle Dutch hekel, hatchel, a flax comb with long metal hooklike teeth, from Germanic *hakila-.
4. hack1 from Old English -haccian, to hack to pieces as with a hooked instrument, from Germanic *hakkijan.

[Pokorny keg- 537.]

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