kerə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kerə-: crater, dyscrasia, idiosyncrasy, krater, rare, uproar.


To mix, confuse, cook.

Oldest form *k̑erh2-, becoming *kerh2- in centum languages.
1. Variant form *krā- (< *kraə-).
a. uproar from Middle Low German rōr, motion, from Germanic *hrōr-;
b. rare2 from Old English hrēr, lightly boiled, half-cooked, possibly from Germanic *hrōr- (see a).
2. Zero-grade form *kr̥ə-.
a. Suffixed form *kr̥ə-ti-. idiosyncrasy; dyscrasia from Greek krāsis, a mixing;
b. suffixed form *kr̥ə-ter-. crater, krater from Greek krātēr, mixing vessel.

[Pokorny k̑erə- 582.]

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