klei- / Indo-European roots


To lean.

Oldest form *k̑lei-, becoming *klei- in centum languages.

Derivatives include decline, climax, climate, ladder.

I. Full-grade form *klei-.
1. Suffixed form *klei-n-. decline, incline, recline from Latin -clīnāre, to lean, bend.
2. Suffixed form *klei-tro-. clitellum from Latin clītellae, packsaddle, from diminutive of *clītra, litter.
3. Suffixed form *klei-wo-. acclivity, declivity, proclivity from Latin clīvus, a slope.
4. Suffixed form *klei-tor-, "incline, hill" clitoris from Greek diminutive kleitoris, clitoris.
II. Zero grade form *kli-.
1. lid from Old English hlid, cover, from Germanic *hlid-, "that which bends over" cover.
2. Suffixed form *kli-n-. lean1 from Old English hlinian and hleonian, to lean, from Germanic *hlinēn.
3. Suffixed form *kli-ent-. client from Latin cliēns, dependent, follower.
4. Suffixed form *kli-to- in compound *aus-klit-ā- (see ous-)
5. Suffixed form *kli-n-yo-. -clinal, cline, -cline, -clinic, clino-, clisis, klismos; aclinic line, anaclisis, clinandrium, enclitic, matriclinous, patroclinous, pericline, proclitic from Greek klīnein, to lean.
6. Suffixed form *kli-mn̥. climate from Greek klima, sloping surface of the earth.
7. Lengthened zero-grade form *klī-, with lengthening of obscure origin. a. Suffixed form *klī-n-ā-. clinic; diclinous, monoclinous, triclinium from Greek klīnē, bed; b. suffixed form *klī-m-. climax from Greek klīmax, ladder.
III. Suffixed o-grade form *kloi-tr-. ladder from Old English hlǣd(d)er, ladder, from Germanic *hlaidri-.

[Pokorny k̑lei- 600.]

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