kleu- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kleu-: ablaut, Clio, Hercules, leer, list, listen, loud, sarod, sloka, umlaut.


To hear.

Oldest form *k̑leu-, becoming *kleu- in centum languages.

Derivatives include leer, loud, Hercules.

I. Extended form *kleus-. leer from Old English hlēor, cheek (< "side of the face" < "ear"), from Germanic *hleuza-.
II. Zero-grade form *klu-.
1. list4 from Old English hlystan, to listen, from Germanic *hlustjan.
2. listen from Old English hlysnan, to listen, from Germanic *hlusinōn.
3. Suffixed lengthened form *klū-to-. a. loud from Old English hlūd, loud; b. ablaut, umlaut from Old High German hlūt, sound. Both a and b from Germanic *hlūdaz, "heard" loud.
III. Full-grade form *kleu-.
1. Suffixed form *klew-yo-. Clio from Greek kleiein, to praise, tell.
2. Suffixed form *klew-es-, "fame" Hercules from Latin Herculēs, from Greek Hēraklēs, Hērakleēs.
3. Suffixed form *kleu-to-. sarod from Middle Persian srōd, sarod, akin to Avestan sraota-, hearing, sound, from Iranian *srauta-.

[Pokorny 1. k̑leu- 605.]

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