kom / Indo-European roots


Beside, near, by, with.

Derivatives include enough, handiwork, country.

a. enough, gemot, handiwork, witenagemot, yclept, yean from Old English ge-, with, also participial, collective, and intensive prefix;
b. gemütlich; gebrauchsmusik from Old High German gi-, participial, collective, and intensive prefix. Both a and b from Germanic *ga-, together, with (collective and intensive prefix and marker of the past participle).
2. cum1; cooncan from Latin cum, co-, with.
3. co-, com- from Archaic Latin com, with (collective and intensive prefix).
4. British Celtic *kom-, collective prefix, in compound *kombrogos (see merg-)
5. Suffixed form *kom-trā-. con1, contra-, contrary, counter1, counter-, country; encounter from Latin contrā, against, opposite.
6. Suffixed form *kom-yo-. coeno-; cenobite, epicene, Koine from Greek koinos, common, shared.
7. Reduced form *ko- in compounds (see gher-1, mei-1, smei-)

[Pokorny kom 612.]

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