konk- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root konk-: cunctation, hang, hanker, hinge.


To hang.

Oldest form *k̑onk-, becoming *konk- in centum languages.
a. hang from Old English hōn, to hang;
b. hanker from Dutch (dialectal) hankeren, to long for;
c. hinge from Middle English henge, hinge, hinge, possibly related (ultimately from the base of Old English hangian, to hang). a-c all from Germanic *hanhan (transitive), hangēn (intransitive), hang.
2. Suffixed form *konk-it-ā-. cunctation from Latin cūnctārī, to delay.

[Pokorny k̑enk- 566, k̑onk- 614.]

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