kwon- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kwon-: canaille, canary, canicular, canine, chenille, corgi, cynic, cynosure, dachshund, hound, keeshond, kennel, Procyon, quinsy.



Oldest form *k̑won-, becoming *kwon- in centum languages.
1. cynic; cynosure, Procyon, quinsy from Greek kuōn, dog.
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *kwn̥-to-.
a. hound from Old English hund, dog;
b. dachshund from Old High German hunt, dog;
c. keeshond from Middle Dutch hond, dog. a-c all from Germanic *hundaz.
3. Nominative form *kwō. corgi from Welsh ci, dog.
4. Variant *kan-i-. canaille, canary, canicular, canine, chenille, kennel1 from Latin canis, dog.

[Pokorny k̑u̯on- 632.]

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