lē- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root lē-: alas, lassitude, last, late, latter, lenient, lenis, lenitive, lenity, let, liege.


To let go, slacken.

Contracted from *leə1-.
I. Extended form *lēd-.
1. a. let1 from Old English lǣtan, to allow, leave undone, from Germanic *lētan; b. liege; allegiance from Late Latin laetus, semifree colonist, from Germanic derivative *lēthigaz, freed.
2. Zero-grade form *ləd-. a. late, latter, last1 from Old English læt, late, with its comparative lætra, latter, and its superlative latost, last, from Germanic *lataz; b. let2 from Old English lettan, to hinder, impede (< "to make late"), from Germanic *latjan; c. suffixed form *ləd-to-. lassitude; alas from Latin lassus, tired, weary.
II. Suffixed basic form *lē-ni-. lenient, lenis, lenitive, lenity from Latin lēnis, soft, gentle.

[Pokorny 3. lē(i)- 666.]

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