līk- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root līk-: -ly, alike, each, every, frolic, like, likely, lych-gate.


Body, form; like, same.

Germanic root.

Derivatives include alike, each, frolic.

1. lych-gate from Old English līc, form, body.
2. -ly1, -ly2 from Old English -līc, having the form of.
a. alike, like2, likely from Old English gelīc, similar, and Old Norse (g)līkr, like, both from Germanic *galīkaz;
b. each; every from Old English ǣlc, each, from Germanic phrase *aiwo galīkaz, "ever alike" (*aiwo,*aiwi, ever; see aiw-).
4. Germanic compound *is-līk- (see i-)
5. alike from Old English onlīc, from Germanic *ana-līkaz.
6. frolic from Middle Dutch -lijc, -like.
7. like1 from Old English līcian, to please, from Germanic *līkjan.
8. Germanic compound *hwa-līk- (see kwo-)

[Pokorny 2. lē̆ig- 667.]

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