legh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root legh-: anlage, belay, beleaguer, bylaw, coverlet, fellow, laager, lagan, lager, lair, law, lay, leaguer, ledge, lees, lie, litter, lochia, low, outlaw, vorlage, wagon-lit.


To lie, lay.

Derivatives include ledge, lair, beleaguer, lees, law, fellow.

1. Suffixed form *legh-yo-.
a. lie1 from Old English licgan, to lie, from Germanic *ligjan;
b. (i) lay1, ledge, ledger from Old English lecgan, to lay; (ii) belay from Old English belecgan, to cover, surround (be-, over; see ambhi). Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic *lagjan..
2. Suffixed form *legh-ro-.
a. lair from Old English leger, lair;
b. leaguer1; beleaguer from Middle Dutch leger, lair, camp;
c. laager, lager; Lagerstätte, stalag from Old High German legar, bed, lair. a-c all from Germanic *legraz.
3. lees from Medieval Latin lia, sediment, from Celtic *leg-yā-.
4. Lengthened-grade form *lēgh-. low1 from Old Norse lāgr, low, from Germanic *lēgaz, "lying flat" low.
5. Suffixed form *legh-to-. coverlet, litter; wagon-lit from Latin lectus, bed.
6. Suffixed o-grade form *logh-o-.
a. law; bylaw, Danelaw from Old Norse *lagu, lag-, law, "that which is set down";
b. fellow from Old Norse lag, a laying down;
c. outlaw from Old Norse lög, law;
d. anlage, vorlage from Old High German lāga, act of laying. a-d all from Germanic *lagam.
7. lagan from Old Norse lögn, dragnet (< "that which is laid down"), from Germanic *lag-īnō-.
8. Suffixed o-grade form *logh-o-. lochia from Greek lokhos, childbirth, place for lying in wait.

[Pokorny legh- 658, 2. lēg̑h- 660.]

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