leip- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root leip-: aliphatic, delay, leave, lebensraum, life, lipo-, live, lively, liver, relay, synalepha.


To stick, adhere; fat.

Derivatives include life, liver1.

1. life, lively from Old English līf, life (< "continuance"), from Germanic *lībam.
a. live1 from Old English lifian, libban, to live;
b. lebensraum from Old High German lebēn, to live. Both a and b from Germanic *libēn.
a. leave1 from Old English lǣfan, to leave, have remaining;
b. delay, relay from Old French laier, to leave, from Frankish *laibjan. Both a and b from o-grade Germanic causative *-laibjan.
4. liver1 from Old English lifer, liver (formerly believed to be the blood-producing organ), from Germanic *librō.
5. Zero-grade form *lip-. lipo- from Greek lipos, fat.
6. Variant form *əleibh-. aliphatic; synalepha from Greek aleiphein, to anoint with oil.

[Pokorny 1. leip- 670.]

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