leu(ə)- / Indo-European roots


To wash.

Oldest form *leu(h3)-.
1. Suffixed form *lou-kā-. lye from Old English lēag, lye, from Germanic *laugō.
2. Suffixed form *lou-tro-.
a. lather from Old English lēthran, līthran, to lather;
b. lutefisk from Old Norse laudhr, soap, foam.
3. Variant form *law-.
a. loment, lotion; ablution, alluvion, colluvium, deluge, dilute, eluent, elute, eluvium from Latin lavere, to wash (in compounds, -luere);
b. form *law-ā-. launder, lavabo, lavage, lavatory, lave, lavish from Latin lavāre, to wash;
c. latrine from Latin lavātrīna, lātrīna, a bath, privy.
4. O-grade form *lou-. pyrolusite from Greek louein, to wash.

[Pokorny lou- 692.]

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