leubh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root leubh-: belief, believe, furlough, leave, leman, libido, lief, livelong, love, quodlibet.


To care, desire; love.

Derivatives include livelong, belief, libido.

I. Suffixed form *leubh-o-. lief; leman, livelong from Old English lēof, dear, beloved, from Germanic *leubaz.
II. O-grade form *loubh-.
1. a. leave2 from Old English lēaf, permission (< "pleasure, approval"); b. furlough from Middle Dutch verlof, leave, permission (ver-, intensive prefix, from Germanic *fer-, see per1); c. belief from Old English gelēafa, belief, faith, from Germanic *galaubō (*ga-, intensive prefix; see kom). a-c all from Germanic *laubō.
2. believe from Old English gelēfan, belēfan, to believe, trust (be-, about; see ambhi) , from Germanic *galaubjan, "to hold dear" esteem, trust (*ga-, intensive prefix; see kom)
III. Zero-grade form *lubh-.
1. Suffixed form *lubh-ā-. love from Old English lufu, love, from Germanic *lubō.
2. Suffixed (stative) form *lubh-ē-. quodlibet from Latin libēre, to be dear, be pleasing.
3. libido from Latin libīdō, pleasure, desire.

[Pokorny leubh- 683.]

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