māk- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root māk-: amphimacer, emaciate, macro-, macron, magret, meager, mecopteran, paramecium.


Long, thin.

Oldest form *meh2k̑-, colored to *mah2k̑-, becoming *māk̑ in satem languages and *māk- in centum languages.
1. Zero-grade form *mək- becoming *mak-.
a. (i) meager from Latin macer, thin; (ii) macro-, macron; amphimacer from Greek makros, long, large. Both (i) and (ii) from suffixed form *mak-ro-;
b. emaciate from Latin maciāre, to make thin, from suffixed form *mak-ye-.
2. Suffixed full-grade form *māk-es-. mecopteran, paramecium from Greek mēkos, length.

[Pokorny māk̑- 699.]

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