mūs- / Indo-European roots


A mouse; also a muscle (from the resemblance of a flexing muscle to the movements of a mouse).

1. mouse from Old English mūs (plural mȳs), mouse, from Germanic *mūs- (plural *mūsiz).
2. murine, muscle, mussel, mustelid, musteline from Latin mūs, mouse.
3. myelo-, myo-; epimysium, myosotis, mysticete, perimysium, syringomyelia from Greek mūs, mouse, muscle.
4. Perhaps suffixed reduced form *mus-ko-. Muscadet, muscat, muscatel, musk, must5; nutmeg from Sanskrit muṣkaḥ, testicle, scrotum (? < "little mouse").

[Pokorny mūs 752.]

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