mag- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root mag-: among, macerate, magma, make, maquillage, mason, mass, match, mazaedium, mingle, mongrel.


To knead, fashion, fit.

Oldest forms *mag̑-, *mak̑-, becoming *mag-, *mak- in centum languages.

Derivatives include make, mason, mingle, magma, mass.

a. (i) make from Old English macian, to make; (ii) mason from Old French masson, mason; (iii) maquillage from Middle Dutch maken, to make. (i)-(iii) all from Germanic verb *makōn, to fashion, fit;
b. match1 from Old English gemæcca, mate, spouse, from Germanic compound noun *ga-mak-(j)ōn-, "one who is fitted with (another)" (*ga-, with, together; see kom). Both a and b from Germanic *mak-.
a. mingle from Old English mengan, to mix;
b. among, mongrel from Old English gemang, mixture, crowd (ge-, together; see kom). Both a and b from Germanic nasalized form *mangjan, to knead together.
3. Suffixed form *mak-yo-. magma from Greek magma, unguent, from massein (aorist stem mag-), to knead.
4. Suffixed lengthened-grade form *māg-ya-. mass; amass from Greek māza, maza, a (kneaded) lump, barley cake.
5. Suffixed lengthened-grade form *māk-ero-. macerate from Latin mācerāre, to tenderize, to soften (food) by steeping.

[Pokorny mag̑- 696, 2. māk- 698, men(ə)k- 730.]

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