medhyo- / Indo-European roots



Derivatives include middle, medieval, meridian.

a. mid1, midst; amid from Old English midd(e), middle;
b. middle from Old English middel, middle, from West Germanic diminutive form *middila-;
c. Midgard from Old Norse Midhgardhr, Midgard, from Germanic compound *midja-gardaz, "middle zone" name of the earth conceived as an intermediate zone lying between heaven and hell (*gardaz, enclosure, yard; see gher-1). a-c all from Germanic *midja-.
2. mean3, medal, medial, median, mediastinum, mediate, medium, mezzaluna, mezzanine, mezzotint, mizzen, moiety, mullion; intermediate, medieval, mediocre, mediterranean, meridian, milieu from Latin medius, middle, half.
3. meso- from Greek mesos, middle.
4. minge from Romani mindž, vagina, possibly from Armenian mēǰ (stem miǰ-), middle.

[Pokorny medhi- 706.]

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