meigh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root meigh-: micturate, mist, mistletoe, mizzle.


To urinate.

Oldest form *meig̑h-, becoming *meigh- in centum languages.
a. mist from Old English mist, mist;
b. mizzle1 from Middle English misellen, to drizzle, from a source perhaps akin to Dutch dialectal mieselen, to drizzle;
c. missel thrush, mistletoe from Old English mistel, mistletoe, from Germanic diminutive form *mihst-ila-, mistletoe (which is propagated through the droppings of the missel thrush). a-c all from Germanic suffixed form *mih-stu-, urine, hence mist, fine rain.
2. Suffixed form *migh-tu-. micturate from Latin micturīre, to want to urinate (desiderative of meiere, to urinate).

[Pokorny meig̑h- 713.]

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