meik- / Indo-European roots


To mix.

Oldest forms *meik̑-, *meig̑-, becoming *meik-, *meig- in centum languages.
1. Zero-grade variant form *mig-. migmatite; amphimixis, apomixis, panmixia from Greek mignunai, to mix, and noun mixis (< *mig-ti-), a mingling.
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *mik-sk-. meddle, medley, mélange, melee, mesclun, mestizo, miscellaneous, miscible, mix, mixture, mustang; admix, commix, immix, miscegenation, pell-mell, promiscuous from Latin miscēre (past participle mixtus), to mix.
3. Possibly Germanic *maisk- (phonological details unclear) mash from Old English *māsc, *mācs, māx-, mashed malt.

[Pokorny mei-k̑- 714.]

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