melit- / Indo-European roots



1. hydromel, marmalade, melilot, membrillo, oenomel from Greek meli, honey.
a. melliferous, mellifluous, molasses from Latin mel (stem mell-), honey, from *meld-, syncopated from *melid-;
b. suffixed zero-grade form *ml̥d-to-, "honied" mousse from Latin mulsus, honey-sweet.
3. mildew from Old English mildēaw, honeydew, nectar, from Germanic compound *melith-dauwaz, honeydew (a substance secreted by aphids on leaves; it was formerly imagined to be distilled from the air like dew; *dauwaz, dew; see dheu-1), from *melith-.

[Pokorny meli-t 723.]

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