mori- / Indo-European roots


Body of water; lake (?), sea (?).

a. mere2; mermaid from Old English mere, sea, lake, pond;
b. marram grass from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse marr, sea;
c. meerschaum from Old High German mari, sea;
d. meerkat from Middle Dutch meer, sea. a-d all from Germanic *mari-.
a. marsh from Old English mersc, merisc, marsh;
b. morass from Old French maresc, mareis, marsh. Both a and b from Germanic *mariska-, water-logged land.
3. maar, mare2, marinara, marine, maritime; bêche-de-mer, cormorant, mariculture, ormer, ultramarine from Latin mare, sea.

[Pokorny mori 748.]

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