nas- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root nas-: naris, nark, nasal, naso-, nasturtium, ness, nose, nostril, pince-nez.



1. nose, nuzzle; nostril from Old English nosu, nose, from Germanic zero-grade form *nusō.
2. ness from Old English næss, headland, from Germanic *nasja-.
3. Lengthened-grade form *nās-.
a. naris from Latin nāris, nostril;
b. expressive form *nāss-. nasal, naso-; nasturtium, pince-nez from Latin nāsus, nose.
4. nark2 from Romany nāk, nose, from expressive Indo-Aryan form *nakka-.

[Pokorny nas- 755, neu-ks- 768.]

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