ned- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ned-: adiponectin, annex, connect, denouement, fibronectin, net, nettle, nexus, node, nodule, nodus, ouch.


To bind, tie.

1. O-grade form *nod-.
a. net1 from Old English net(t), a net, from Germanic *nati-;
b. nettle from Old English netel(e), netle, nettle, from Germanic *nat-ilo, a nettle (nettles or plants of closely related genera such as hemp were used as a source of fiber);
c. ouch2 from Anglo-Norman nouch, brooch, from Germanic *nat-sk-.
2. Lengthened o-grade form *nōdo-. node, nodule, nodus, noil, noose; denouement from Latin nōdus, a knot.
3. With re-formation of the root. nexus; adiponectin, adnexa, annex, connect, fibronectin from Latin nectere (past participle nexus), to tie, bind, connect.

[Pokorny 1. ned- 758.]

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