nem- / Indo-European roots


To assign, allot; also to take.

Derivatives include numb, nemesis, nomad.

a. numb; benumb from Old English niman, to take, seize;
b. nimble from Old English nǣmel, quick to seize, and numol, quick at learning, seizing;
c. nim from Old High German nëman, to take. a-c all from Germanic *nem-.
2. nemesis; economy from Greek nemein, to allot.
3. Suffixed e-grade form *nom-os, *nom-es-. namaskar, namaste from Sanskrit namaḥ, namas-, obeisance.
4. O-grade form *nom-.
a. nome, -nomy; anomie, antinomian, antinomy, astronomer, astronomy, autonomous, chironomid, Deuteronomy, metronome, nomograph, nomology, nomothetic, numismatic from Greek nomos, portion, usage, custom, law, division, district;
b. noma from Greek nomē, pasturage, grazing, hence a spreading, a spreading ulcer;
c. nomad from Greek nomas, wandering in search of pasture;
d. nummular, nummulite from Greek nomimos, legal.
5. Perhaps suffixed o-grade form *nom-eso-. number, numeral; enumerate, innumerable, supernumerary from Latin numerus, number, division.

[Pokorny 1. nem- 763.]

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