ner- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ner-: -androus, -andry, andro-, Nordic, Norman, Norse, north, northern, Norwegian, philander.


Under, also on the left; hence, with an eastward orientation, north.

Suffixed zero-grade form *nr̥-t(r)o-.
a. Nordic, norteño, north from Old English north, north;
b. northern from Old English northerne, northern;
c. Norse from Middle Dutch nort, north;
d. Norman1, Norwegian from Old Norse nordhr, north.

[Pokorny 2. ner- 765.]


Man; basic sense "vigorous, vital, strong"

Oldest form *h2ner-. andro-, -androus, -andry; philander from Greek anēr (stem andr-, from zero-grade form *ənr-), man.

[Pokorny 1. ner-(t-) 765.]

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