nes- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root nes-: harness, nostalgia, Nostratic, nostrum, our, ours, paternoster, us.


To return safely home.

1. harness from Old French harneis, harness, possibly from a Germanic source akin to Old English, Old High German (in composition), and Old Norse nest, food for a journey, from Germanic *nes-tam.
2. Suffixed o-grade form *nos-to-. nostalgia from Greek nostos, a return home.

[Pokorny nes- 766.]


Oblique cases of the personal pronoun of the first person plural.

For the nominative see we-
1. Zero-grade form *n̥s-. us from Old English ūs, us (accusative), from Germanic *uns.
2. Suffixed (possessive) zero-grade form *n̥s-ero-. our, ours from Old English ūser, ūre, our, from Germanic *unsara-.
3. O-grade form *nos-, with suffixed (possessive) form *nos-t(e)ro-. Nostratic, nostrum; paternoster from Latin nōs, we, and noster, our.

[Pokorny 3. ne- 758.]

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