newn̥ / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root newn̥: ennead, enneagram, nine, nineteen, ninety, ninth, nona-, nones, noon, November, novemdecillion, novena.



1. nine, nineteen, ninety, ninth from Old English nigon, nine, with derivatives nigontig, ninety, and nigontēne, nineteen (-tēne, ten; see dekm̥) , from Germanic *nigun, variant of *niwun.
2. November, novena; nonagenarian from Latin novem, nine (< *noven, with m for n by analogy with the m of septem, seven, and decem, ten).
3. Ordinal form *neweno-. nona-, nones, noon; nonagon, nonanoic acid from Latin nōnus, ninth.
4. Prothetic or prefixed forms *h1newn̥, *h1nwn̥. ennead, enneagram from Greek ennea, nine (< *ennewa, *enwa-).

[Pokorny e-neu̯en 318.]

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