newo- / Indo-European roots



Related to nu-

Derivatives include neon, nova.

1. Suffixed form *new-yo-.
a. new from Old English nēowe, nīwe, new;
b. Nynorsk, span-new from Old Norse nȳr, new. Both a and b from Germanic *neuja-.
2. Basic form *newo-. neo-, neon, neoteric; misoneism from Greek newos, neos, new.
3. Suffixed form *new-aro-. aneroid from Greek nēron, water, from nēros, fresh (used of fish and of water), contracted from nearos, young, fresh.
4. Basic form *newo-. nova, novation, novel1, novel2, novelty, novice, novillada, novillero; innovate, renovate, ergonovine from Latin novus, new.
5. Suffixed form *new-er-ko-. novercal from Latin noverca, stepmother (< "she who is new").

[Pokorny neu̯os 769.]

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