nogʷ- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root nogʷ-: denude, gymnasium, gymnosophist, gymnosperm, naan, naked, nude, nudi-.



1. Suffixed forms *nogw-eto-, *nogw-oto-. naked from Old English nacod, naked, from Germanic *nakweda-, *nakwada-.
2. Suffixed form *nogw-edo-. nude, nudi-; denude from Latin nūdus, naked.
3. Suffixed form *nogw-mo-. gymnasium, gymnast; gymnosophist, gymnosperm from Greek gumnos, naked (with metathesis due to taboo deformation).
4. Suffixed form *nogw-no-. naan from Old Persian *nagna-, bare, naked.

[Pokorny nog̒ͧ- 769.]

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