nogh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root nogh-: deinonychus, nail, onyx, paronychia, perionychium, sardonyx, unguis.


Nail, claw.

Oldest forms *h3nogh-, *h3ongh-.
1. Suffixed (diminutive) form *nogh-elo-. nail from Old English nægl, nail, from Germanic *nagla-.
2. Form *ənogh-. onyx; deinonychus, paronychia, perionychium, sardonyx from Greek onux (stem onukh-), nail.
3. Variant form *ongh-. unguiculate, unguis, ungulate from Latin unguis, nail, claw, hoof, with diminutive ungula, hoof, claw, talon (< *ongh-elā-).

[Pokorny onogh- 780.]

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