oktō(u) / Indo-European roots



Oldest form *ok̑tō(u), becoming *oktō(u) in centum languages.
a. eight, eighteen, eighty from Old English eahta, eight, with derivatives eahtatig, eighty, and eahtatēne, eighteen (-tēne, ten; see dekm̥);
b. atto- from Old Norse āttjān, eighteen (tjān, ten; see dekm̥). Both a and b from Germanic *ahtō.
2. Octans, octant, octave, octavo, octet, octo-, October, octonary; octodecimo, octogenarian from Latin octō, eight.
3. octad, octo-; octopus from Greek oktō, eight.

[Pokorny ok̑tō(u) 775.]

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