ous- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root ous-: aural, auricle, auriform, auscultation, ear, myosotis, ormer, otic, oto-, parotid gland, scout.



Oldest form *h2ous-, with e-grade *h2eus- colored to *h2aus-.
1. Suffixed form *ous-en-. ear1 from Old English ēare, ear, from Germanic *auzōn-.
2. Suffixed form *aus-i-. aural1, auricle, orecchiette; auriform, ormer from Latin auris, ear.
3. auscultation, scout1 from Latin auscultāre, to listen to (< *aus-klit-ā-; *aus- + *kli-to-, inclined; see klei-)
4. Suffixed basic form *ous-os-. otic, oto-; myosotis, parotid gland from Greek ous (stem ōt-), ear.
5. Basic form *ous- in Greek compound *lag-ous- (see slēg-)

[Pokorny 2. ōus- 785.]

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